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A Pessimistic Nation – and Six Principles to Help Get Over It

para_dimz Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 9:26 AM
DuaneUrban, these suggestion are what will get you where you want to be with what you want to earn in life. However, nothing new, here. The solutions have been known for a long time. Implementation has been the hard part. Vote the bums out? They're all bums. They must give a shot for it when a newbie gets off the plane in D.C. Write letters? In a country divided in half, the bum you wasted a stamp or email on jas two equally high piles. Sue for redress in court? Might work. Kind of a dice throw. There've been some bad surprises coming out of the ossified Nine. Ovomitacare, Kelo...

Americans historically have been the can-do people. Even in the darkest of times, Americans manage to see their glass as more than half full. Seemingly woven into our DNA is an expectation that the lights will forever burn brightly within the "shining city on the hill."

Even from colonial days, every generation somehow managed to hand off an even greater life filled with opportunity to their children. By the time our upstart nation was barely fifty years old, Alexis de Tocqueville gushed with praise about America's unique advancement of "human greatness and freedom."

Our national belief of an...