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Despite warning after warning about this ultra-left wing nut job Communist mayor, the people of NYC overwhelmingly voted for this a-hole so they deserve every bit of misery he inflicts upon the city and the fools who voted him in. Enjoy NYC, you deserve it!
Someone should butt stroke this stupid woman with an AR-15
McAuliffe is a complete political hack with zero experience outside of gutter politics and the people of VA would be well advised to send this troll back to the gutter where he belongs.
Blumenthal is just another blooming idiot in the U.S. Senate. Isn’t this the tool who forgot he never really served in Vitamin after he said he served and saw combat. Not sure how you could make that mistake? Thanks Connecticut for sending another moron to Washington.
Junior will be just fine. His next chapter will be to join the extortion racket his old man has been running for decades. I'm quite sure he will be extremely successful in the race baiting and extortion business; after all he's an accomplished thief.
Just another in a long list of liberal hypocrisy that goes unchallenged and unreported by the lame stream media, the real enemy and threat to the People. If this killer was a fan of Rush, Glen Beck, a Tea Party member or a fan of Fox news there would be a wall to wall 24/7 meltdown and hysteria by the press. As it is, idiots like Hill are permitted to spread their left wing extremism in universities from cost to cost. And because the Professor is a minority he’s speech is exempt from scrutiny and should anyone have the audacity to challenge his speech, you will be labeled a bigot and a raciest.
Senator just sit down be quiet and S.T.F.U. We've had to listen to your bla, bla, bla for 40 years. Enough already.
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Bloomberg's Next Target: Styrofoam

Par845 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 12:18 AM
This a s s hat is the most dangerous person in America.
Low life race hustling p i m p
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