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Immigration: Game Over in the Senate, How Should House Republicans Respond?

Par4theDay Wrote: Jun 24, 2013 3:46 PM
Sign this petition to stop the Amnesty bill and demand Border Security. Why there are less then 100K signatures is beyond me. It may not do any good, but at least some of you can say you tried to do something to stop the destruction of the United States of America

Once Friday's immigration "breakthrough" took root in the Senate, final passage of the amended 'Gang of Eight' legislation became a fait accompli.  Barring a seismic political disruption, Harry Reid will file for cloture on the Hoeven-Corker substitute amendment later today, clearing the way for final passage by week's end.  It's the allure of a fairly speedy approval process that likely explains why prominent 'gang' members were happy to abandon their pretextual grievances against the Cornyn amendment and throw their arms around the new plan.  Byron York's Senate sources are telling him that this