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Obama's Closing Argument: "Voting is the Best Revenge"

Paperpushermj Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 1:08 AM
Revenge is a response to something done to you. Mr Romney is the challenger without power to do anything to anyone. It's Obamas actions that have had great impact to the Citizens of this Country. So if Revenge is on the platter it's going to Obama.

Obama the postpartisan healer is a distant, almost quaint, memory at this point.  The Southside pol has been sprinting down the bare-knuckles, "punish your enemies," voting as vengeance road for some time now, so this shouldn't surprise anyone.  What an inspiring and forward-looking message with which to round out your campaign, Mr. President.  Project Hopenchange is dead:

Compare our angry, hyper-partisan...