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You Keep dodging the Moral aspect, don't blame you, it's easier to keep the subject on YOU.
You finally reveal yourself...TROLL
Arrogance: " Arrogance - Merriam-Webster Online Merriam-Webster an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people.
I find your sense of Possession on this issue self-serving and weak.
Wrong... that view disqualifies women from voicing an opinion on issues that effect Males only. I Totally reject this point of view.
Correct Me if wrong but in the EU they have the 20 week cut off.
Touche !
Let the debate start on the Length of Beards start.
Where His parents American Citizens...yes. Following your logic if you are born on a Plane out over the Pacific you aren't a citizen of any Country.
I think you need to provide Proof of that, because you are Wrong.
Yes We have to take that lack of Executive Experience into the equation as we have seen over the last 6+ years what a disaster that can have. But is the Washington Machine Governable by any President irrespective of their Experience. What in todays World is the role of the President ?
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