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I for one am Pi$$ed at Government at all levels taking me for a Sucker when they Misrepresent Information on Laws they want to Pass. From Obama Care to Jerry Browns Crazy Train, where the Price Tripled, Ridership estimates slashed and Time to Destination overestimated. To bad the Truth in Advertising laws don't apply to Politicians
I guess Obama will be called the 1st Hispanic President
I for one tire at the relentless Smearing Democrats do of Me/Republicans.
So Obama argues that His taking this action is legal because It's a Executive Action and other Presidents have used Executive Actions in the past. Do I have that right?
The Truth as you claim is tarnished. Pres. Reagan signed a Bill passed by Congress.. You might want to remove your head from the Lefts Spin Machine.
I remind the Left that " The Road to Hell is paved With Good Intentions".
About Reagan: Yes He took Action when a Immigration Bill passed both Chambers of Congress only to falter when sent to the Resolution process.
And you got all that insight from your navel lint I presume
Why is it the only people talking about shutting down the Government are members of the press?
Their eligibility was not the question: The Wealthy ( God Bless them ) can establish a Medical Savings account for themselves of say $250,000. Two Hundred Fifty Thousand in cash buys a lot of Medical Attention. If they need more due to a life or death condition they have the resources. What do they gain paying say $2,500+ a Mo. when they can use that Money elsewhere. Plus they probably have Doctors not on anyones approved Insurance list.
"They Buy What They Can Afford." Got me Thinking...Do Wealthy People Have Medical Insurance, Do They Need To?
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