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He is Slick isn't He
What a piece of Work Pelosi is! She helps write the Bill and when the Political Winds Change She condemns it.
Blacks will Rue the Day when Democrats sunk their Teeth into their Lives.
"Winter holiday decorations are fine but we need to not display any decoration [sic] that could be perceived as religious." ___________________________________________________________________________. Hoping Spring,Summer and Fall take the University to Court.
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America Goes Rogue

Paperpushermj Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 11:11 AM
" “I think part of it is redistricting,” she told Joy Reid on MSNBC. “And Texas, I think, can turn blue.” _____________________________________________________________________________. It pleases Me that Democrats don't understand Why they Lost. So keep on keeping on doing the Same O Same O and watch as you lose more seats in Congress
Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!
No No No No let Harry stew in his own juices
Thanks for that
"Boxer’s lack of fundraising — she has just $150,000 in her campaign account, a fraction of the $3.5 million she had at this point before her most recent campaign " ____________________________________________________________________________. And of course She takes what's in Her Campaign Fund with Her into Retirement
"At the same time, insurance companies have routinely limited the number of doctors and providers on their plans as a way to cut costs. The result has further restricted some patients' ability to get appointments quickly" _____________________________________________________________________________. How is this not seen as Rationing of Health Care to Cut Costs??? Am I wrong, misguided or both?
This is a direct result of Progressives view of the Military. That being it's the instrument of US Hegemony. That most if not all of the Worlds conflict is but push back against US interference in their affairs.
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