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Just a talking point Sen Rubio might use. "The Cuba Military owns All of the Tourist Hotels in the Country". So Obamas call for More Tourism only adds to the Wealth of the Military/Regime.
Example #527 of the Epic Fail of Higher Education
Not an Option ..what else do you have?
President Obama has Gone Rogue, now the question is how do We the American People and Our Elected Officials deal with that?
"“Indeed, it is protection of the minority that is the singular hallmark of the United States Senate,” Levin reminded his colleagues. “The majority cannot always have its way" ____________________________________________________________________________ I hear Your Words Sir and Agree that Balance Must Be Restored. My only Question is ...Why Did you Wait Until You're Out the Door Before You Said That ????
Excuse Me Professor: but what does all this have to do with Cooking Class you're supposed to be teaching Here... Today?
The real lesson to be leaned is Bad Law becomes inevitable when created and then passed outside Established Rules set down by those who came before them. The Minority must be invited into the process, or you have future laws like obmacare.
So Meritocracy falls to PC
He is Slick isn't He
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