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Hope and Change. I Hope we can survive long enough to Change this POTUS for an American.
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The Media's Rape of Reality

Papa45North Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 12:36 AM
Romney did it...UH I mean Bush did it...Huh?
Good Job! Looks like some people finally "Grew a Pair".;
Don't be a DHIM-WIT.
These people vote. That troubles me. When we get to the point that these knucka-heads out-number us working people, how can our economy, our country ever recover?
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Loose Lips Endanger Lives

Papa45North Wrote: May 11, 2012 12:16 AM
The latest underwear bomber was take to a secure location for "debriefing"? Is debriefing something like a reverse wedgie?
“There’s no impact on the natural debt,” he added. What is "natural debt"?
McCain did not have the nerve to tell the truth about Obama in 08. Lets hope and pray Romney does not do the "Mr. Nice Guy" thing as well. I knew the media would have been preparing "documentaries" on Mormonisn in case Romney got the nomination.
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