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It's Education...Stupid

panzerfaust10 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 6:39 AM
The problem with education is the communists have taken over the system and evaluate progress by tabulating the number of kids they convert to atheism, thinking that plant food is a pollutant and Marxism. Good teachers, conservative teachers are eliminated from the payroll and replaced with indoctrinators.
jonkanner Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 3:54 PM
The communists haven't taken over anything! It was all handed to the on a silver platter nicely wrapped and tied up in a pretty red ribbon. If a person isn't motivated to educate their own kid (with or without the use of a government school, a parochial school, or some other school) and instill solid values, then of course the lunatic fringe will be happy to step in and fill the vacuum. Not let's all just put down the keyboards and go out and interact with the kids in our lives.

Not only can countries not tax themselves to prosperity, but they also can't tax themselves to a better education. You can steal money in the name of the so-called middle class and distribute it to unions and social welfare programs, but it won't make matters any better.

On the contrary, redistribution would make matters worse because once higher taxes rob bank accounts it proceeds to rob incentive. The chain of events would eventually mean fewer rich people to slaughter but more people in line to share the spoils. This pirate economics is reckless, demoralizing, and dishonest.

Beyond outright theft, the dishonest...