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Swing State Ad Poll: Obama 47, Romney 45

Panda Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 12:42 AM
Seriously, Dave, this cut-and-paste from Leftist tabloid stuff of yours is wasting our time. Go away. The adults are having a conversation. We don't have time to deal with every poorly-sourced hitpiece on every business with which Romney has worked. Suffice it to say, Romney has been very successful--just ask guys like Bill Clinton--and with great success comes some setbacks. Meanwhile, Obama has real unemployment over 11%, with a national debt that is skyrocketing $6 Trillion in only 4 years. They don't compare. Not by any measure. Go away, little boy.
Ann272 Wrote: Jul 09, 2012 12:50 AM
Thank you, Panda. I assume he is paid by the piece from the millions Obama has raised for the campaign. Oh, the campaign that has been ongoing since January, 2009.

The onslaught of political advertisements that both the Romney and Obama camps have begun to air have started to have an effect -- and it's becoming clear that money will make a big difference in who wins. Currently, the Obama campaign has outspent the Romney campaign in the swing states, and that effort seems to be paying off: according to USA Today/Gallup, if the election were held tomorrow, he'd hang on to his office:

At this point, Obama is the clear winner in the ad wars. Among swing-state voters who say the ads have changed their minds...