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Rumors Swirl: How Bad Will The Obama Foreign Donor Scandal Be?

Panda Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 4:32 PM
Sooooo.......more killing is being done in the name of one religion than in the names of all other religions--by far--and Moshe the Racist thinks all that can be excused in the name of "American Interventionism." You Soros-paid trolls crack me up. Go cash your Georgie check, Moshe. That's enough laughs for today.

Editor's UPDATE: Katie Pavlich has filed a report on documents TOWNHALL obtained regarding the breaking Obama campaign's foreign donor scandal.

Since last week, the news sphere has been buzzing about the possibility of an Obama campaign foreign donor scandal being the big October surprise of 2012. Since the Washington Examiner first reported the story last week, many are asking how the Obama campaign will handle foreign donation allegations expected to go public Monday in a major magazine and national website story. The Obama campaign has already tried to block the story from publication and although the details of the...