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Persistence: Ron Paul has Master Plan to Hijack GOP Convention

Panda Wrote: May 05, 2012 3:23 AM
My goodness, did you actually go back to Bush? Wow. TARP (which I didn't support) has pretty much paid for itself. I still don't support it, but things that don't cost us money long-term aren't exactly big deals--except to Democrats posing as Conservatives like you who only want to cause division on the Right. Part D? Hated it. But it is far better designed and funded than other aspects of Medicare and Medicaid. Stimulus? There is NO WAY you can equate Bush's and Obama's usage of their Stimulus programs. No comparison there. Anyway, Paul Ryan's budget IS 5.3 Trillion less than Obama's, and it does reform Entitlements, which the Dems defend to the hilt. I really don't know why you enjoy losing so much, Winnie. Oh well.

Who needs to win primaries? Not Ron Paul, whose campaign still thinks the persistent politician could wrangle enough delegates at state conventions to be a competative force at the national GOP convention in Tampa. 

Paul campaigners think a strong presence at state-level contests could help them influence and win enough remaining delegates to help their candidate perhaps win a brokered nomination at the national convention, should Romney not get enough votes in the first round. It at least could get Paul more attention for his tiny-government platform.

“Our campaign strategy has always been to amass the...