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LIVE OPEN THREAD: The Wisconsin, Mayland and DC GOP Primaries

Panda Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 9:52 PM
Why is Romney projected to win in Wisconsin? With 17% of the votes in, he's only up 2%. I guess they're just going by exit polling. Personally, I don't trust that. This is an open primary state, and I'm certain that 10's of thousands of Leftist activists crossed over to help Santorum--so it seems impossible to me that Romney could win handily. Even if Romney wins Republicans by 10%, this should be a nail-biter with the crossovers.

Three contests tonight; two snoozers and one potentially close race.  Watch our election page for live results, follow our editorial team's live feed below, and add to the running discussion in the comments section.  I'll see you post-game for a full recap.