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Don't Blame Romney

Panda Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 2:56 AM
I love the Libertarian Party. Love it. I loved Paul and Johnson, but Romney/Ryan was a very good ticket. Here's the bottom line: The country has changed. Reagan wouldn't win now. And once all the parasites would hear what Paul had in mind for their Entitlements and overall budget (much of which I love), they'd clobber him in the polls. Blaming the GOP that tries to win in this setting isn't the answer, and neither is blaming the Libertarian Party that tries to pull us back to fiscal sanity. WE are to blame, for allowing society to drift so far to the Left. Conservatives of every stripe are grotesquely untrained to persuade Americans of fiscal truths, and our circular firing squad only makes us even more pathetic.

We spent billions of dollars and billions of words on an election to switch from President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House to President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House.

Every election predictor was wrong, except one: Incumbents usually win.

Republicans have taken out a sitting president only once in the last century, and that was in 1980 when Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter. Sadly, Reagan's record remains secure.

The Democrats ran up against the incumbency problem in 2004. The landslide election for Democrats in 2006 suggests that Americans were not thrilled with...

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