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Oh, and by the way, Cedar, feel free to lay out all those issues where I'm "left-leaning." Good luck with that, retard.
Funny stuff. I call you "retards" because your strategy is utterly mindless and your perception of reality is completely warped. Oh yes, "retards" is a perfect term for you. Tell me, before he was constrained by all the Right's failure to unite and show up on Election Day, what were the proposals put forth by Paul Ryan? Hmmm??? I'll tell you what: HIS PROPOSALS WERE EVERYTHING THAT MADE HIM A TEA PARTY DARLING AND CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION. But now, we divide like idiots and shoot each other, and he's left on Capitol Hill with no leverage--so he tries to make lemonade of the lemons we've provided. And what is your RETARDED response? You compare him to Mao and Stalin!! Retard! Retard! Retard! If you don't want the name said of you, then stop justifying it!
Gee, I guess he hopes 10 years from now that retards like you will have learned to vote in more Republicans rather than depressing our turnout through constant criticism of GOP legislators. Let me try to put this as simply as I can: 1. Ryan has virtually no power, and the one time we tried to force our hand (in the "Defund Obamacare" push that I supported), we got pummeled in polling from sea to shining sea. 2. One major reason we don't have power is because of retards like you constantly feeding the circular firing squad on our side--and then idiotically whining that "Boehner started it," or whatever. 3. Ryan has repeatedly made his desires clear with countless proposals, but thanks to retard nation on our side, he has nowhere near the necessary clout to enact any of it--and we'll get skewered whenever we try to force it. And yet, you complain about his budget with Murray...incredible...
Newt was easily our best debater. Everyone else should have learned at his feet. He had a lot of baggage, though.
I understand what you're saying Earl, but Minimum Wage has been increasing at faster than the inflation rate. Either way, I oppose raising it regardless. I too think Corporate Taxes should simply go away, but Romney's cut to the 25% level would be dramatic--and certainly as far as would be politically feasible in this neo-marxist society.
G'night, Earl.
Cruz is a great man and patriot. His strategy is sometimes lacking, but hey, it's not like the national party is full of chessmasters.
Jindal is the most impressive Governor in America--perhaps by a long shot.
I love Scott Walker. Absolutely love him. I just don't think he's a strong speaker or debater, which would be problematic. But after Jindal, Walker might be my favorite Governor.
Earl, Romney would dismantle much of the safety net (hence his endorsement of the "Path To Prosperity," which does precisely that. Romney defended Romneycare as a plan hammered out in a state that overwhelmingly supported it. Romney's support for indexing Minimum Wage to inflation (which I disagree with, by the way) would lower the speed at which Minimum Wage has increased. Romney's income tax is less progressive than the current rates. I personally want a flat tax, or better yet, the Fair Tax--but let's not equate Romney to Obama on taxes, 'kay? Romney's proposed lowering of the corporate tax rate would put it at a global average, which is dramatically lower than our current rate which is the world's highest.
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