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Are Democrats Paying Attention to Trends in Illinois?

Panda Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 11:14 PM
Bruce wins for "Most Idiotic Comment of the Night." Congrats, Bruce. As Laura plainly states, Obama will likely win Illinois, but the trending of many numbers shows that Illinois is becoming less of a gimme for Democrats. But hey, for the "Most Idiotic Comment of the Night" poster, Laura's actual words mean nothing.
I had the opportunity to be in the western Cook County suburbs of Chicago late last week. I have never seen so many political signs in my life. Signs EVERYWHERE: homes, businesses, parking lots, churches, farms. That stunned me.

What stunned me more? I saw not one sign for Obama.

That originally inspired me to write a column positing the possibility of a Romney victory in Illinois, but given that virtually every poll shows President Obama carrying his home state of Illinois again this year by a wide margin, my sage and sensible editors recommended against it. So...