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No truer words were ever written, true lib!
I was surprised too, but the answer is quite simple. Voter fraud. Only a few states were in play and the 0bama regime zeroed in on them. You don't need massive voter fraud to steal the election - just make sure a few of the states (eg. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida) which are close, have just enough voter fraud to swing their electoral votes to your column.
BEST comment!
OK, maybe I missed something, but who is talking about "liberal arts"? The column is talking about colleges/universities that are LIBERAL. This may surprise you, but most of us dinosaurs understand this. So glad that those liberal arts grads go on to grad schools since their undergrad work in myths and legends of the breast won't get them jobs. Yes, this country IS changing - changing from the founders' vision that made America great. Changing into European socialism - what a success story that is! And one day you will THANK US for fighting back and NOT letting it change. You're welcome.
Thanks, Lars! I always wondered what that stood for! ;-)
Could you just please pay attention??? First of all, the 911 operator is not a cop. They are dispatchers. Also, Zimmerman was NOT told not to follow Martin. The dispatcher simply said "we don't need you to do that". You think Martin was just walking home? If so, why didn't he just continue the walk? Zimmerman was part of the neighborhood watch and had every right to follow someone who he felt was acting suspiciously. You seem to have forgotten who attacked who - it was Martin who started the altercation. Because he was being beaten, Zimmerman then pulled his gun IN SELF-DEFENSE. If Martin had just gone to his father's home, he'd probably be alive today. You live like a street thug, you die like a street thug.
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Slaughter in Gun Control Chicago

PammyFaye Wrote: Jun 18, 2013 12:16 PM
Jeff, when Sen. Mark Kirk suggested rounding up all the gang members and throwing them in jail, Rep Bobby Rush called it an "upper middle class, elitist white boy solution". His idea? More job training programs. That should work - I'm sure these guys would prefer to have jobs, right? They won't admit the real problem, because they'd have to admit that the culture that these thugs thrive in was created by the government to begin with.
Watching "Caillou" cartoon with the kiddies - in their pre-school, the kids discuss their holiday traditions for Christmas, Hanukkah and KWANZAA. So, unfortunately, it's not dead.
I'm offended that Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are always mentioned at this time of year, but not FESTIVUS. I think it's time that this holiday is recognized as a holiday that is as legitimate as Kwanzaa.
I'm afraid you are 100% correct - that is exactly what this excuse for a president has planned. And what happens when the "rich" are taxed at 49%? Will they continue to build their businesses and create jobs when they have to turn half their money over to the government to redistribute? Of course not. And we'll be wistfully looking back at the days of 9% unemployment.
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