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My 94yr old grandma never drove a day in her life but she had a Photo ID. Elderly have social security checks, medicare, banking and other programs the require them to show a valid ID. This is not an issue for them t
If something is important enough, people do everything they can to get it. In our state of WI many years ago at one of our VoterID bill hearings, they proposed to get a mobile vehicle to DRIVE to the poential voters house to give them free VoterID and yet the liberals still fought that.
Actually you are the slow one. The comparision is that one (Holder) that is crusading against showing ID is requiring ID for his own event. Very ironic.
liberals.... you can not give them any common sense. They start to melt.
only cheaters would balk at showing ID for voting yet show ID without a blink for alcohol
Absolutely not. it highlights that for providing an ID is possible if you want something, such as attending that event. Or in voting. This is not the dark ages, we have the capacity to get ID easily.
You better believe it. Here in Wisconsin they did tremendous voter fraud and were able to use that to squeak in more votes to get a draft dodging liberal lunatic over our senator. But not only are they going to use people for their voter fraud. Obama has outsourced our machines to foreign suppliers.
It's actually a racist insult to assume any minority is too stupid to have proper ID. No one in this day and age is without this important bit of paperwork Unless they live under a bridge and in that case those people are too drunk or high to worry about voting.
Watch for the new version of the bible with and Obama insertion in every chapter. But it does come with the stench of sulphur.
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