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She is correct in what she says. The EU and the US have caused the chaos in Ukraine. Putin has had a monopoly on natural gas and oil for decades witch travels through Ukraine and the EU and US want to dissolve that monopoly. Money no doubt or power, take your pick or both. We now have VP Biden's son and a cousin of John Kerry working in Ukraine for the largest oil company. They have no shame. I'm so fed up with this administration. We, half of America, know what they are doing they're not getting away with anything. Soon the NWO will pay the piper.
Look at that picture of Valerie Jerrett with adoring eyes at Elizabeth Warren. If not Hillary Clinton than Elizabeth Warren. One of the Marxist will be placed in the WH.
Russia and Ukraine have struck a peace deal. It seems there are some adults in this world. Putin swore at his inaugural address "to protect the sovereignty and independence" of Russia. He is only trying to protect his people and country. A lesson our government could learn from.
Agree. Putin is not a priority and neither is climate change. Gad, what's wrong with these people in the WH? Have they all gone mad? What's worse some people believe them. I believe half of America still believes in Obama and his administration.
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Prepare for War

pamela247 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 6:00 PM
Putin has had a monopoly on natural gas and oil to the EU and the Mediterranean for decades. This oil and gas travels through Ukraine. He is only trying to protect this monopoly. Can you blame him? The EU and US are trying desperately to dissolve this monopoly. Our government is doing for the rebels of Ukraine as they have done for the rebels throughout the middle east: supply them with money and weapons in order to overthrow the dictator. Stand your ground Putin. Don't let them bully you.
What makes you think it's a secret?
You say, yes they really are that dumb, but are they really. I see goal oriented to the Marxist ideology and they are winning. It doesn't matter to some people what unethical fraudulent tactics they use they are winning We have to try different tactics to fight back.
Only my opinion. The Blacks were taken out of the cotton fields where they lived in harmony with like others fed and cared for and placed into the ghettos with little ability to think for themselves. Had time evolved, the better and more intelligent of the blacks would have removed themselves from the group and created a more intelligent race. Our bad.
What a sad situation in Ferguson. Rioting has caused businesses to close. These Blacks possibly will no longer have a grocery store, a mini-mart, perhaps a gas station. Where will they shop? They somehow can't or don't want to figure this out for themselves. BUT THESE SAME BLACKS WILL VOTE. God help us.
You are so right. They interviewed a man from the neighborhood and he said that shots ring out every night in Ferguson is this one is no different. I would like to see the stats on how many blacks die on any given night or for the last year in this little suburb
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