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Please, Janet Yellen, Shut Up

pamela247 Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 11:28 AM
Whose listening? I'm not. Haven't for a long time. However, Obama's first duty was to cancel the voucher program for the inner city children of Wash, DC. Without this program they will not be able to transfer to better schools. The problem, besides being uneducated, the inner city children have no way of getting information. They don't watch news, listen to radio news all they do is stand outside with their stereo rap and score. They know that liberals give them stash. You know, Obama stash. Don't know where it comes from but he gives it to us. And these people are allowed to vote. God help us.
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Bill's Wife is an Obama, Not a Clinton

pamela247 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 11:38 AM
It ain't over till the fat lady sings. Obama was placed into the presidency because he was Black. No one would dare go against him for fear they would be deemed racist. That's exactly how this has played out. Fast forward to 2016 and Hillary or maybe Elizabeth Warren will be placed simply because they are female. Any one going against them would be called sexist. I'm betting on the world's greatest grandma, Hillary. How many times are we going to see Queen Charlott paraded on stage to capture the hearts and minds of the female vote?
Obama's brain is fried. He can't put a sentence together without a teleprompter. He was chosen simply because he was black, however the shadow government really running this country and have been running this country for the last sixty years or perhaps longer know exactly what they are doing. And they have done a remarkable job so far. It's a game to them and the joke is on us, you and me. We are being manipulated to think that there are three branches of government and we wait every year in one form or another to vote thinking voting will change things. It doesn't. Now that the cat is out of the bag and we all know what's really going on, or most of us know, we need to take force. We need a revolution. This shadow government is so wealthy we can't fight them through the courts. We need a revolution.
We have to keep alert. The NWO Marxists GOP will present to us a whole list of names...Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie you know the list all NWO nominees and then they will let us choose one among them. Then on the democrat side it will be VP Biden, Elizabeth Warren and drum roll please...America's greatest grandma Hillary "Memaw" Clinton. How many times in the next two years do you think we are going to see spreads of the World's Greatest Grandma holding the future Queen Charlot. Anyone want to place bets?
I'm guilty as well. Oh, I voted for president but payed little else to politics until Obama was elected. I knew right from the first speech he spewed that he was not a sane person. I have become very involved over the last five years. I now know that they have been plotting this takeover for at least sixty years. Who knew? I didn't, but I'm willing to die for my country to save it. I only hope it's not to late.
Sorry, voting is not an option anymore when George Soros owns the voting machines in another country. When the Democratic party bribes, buys off, cheats, lies in order to win. Dr. Carson talks about the 3 million people that didn't vote, but the popular vote does not elect the president. It is the Electoral vote and we can't control that. They don't play by the rules and for that matter neither does the GOP. I don't know who said it but it goes something like this A Republic can only exist as long as the people are of integrity and led by the Lord. You know, you've heard it. Do you know that what obama has achieved so far getting us closer to a Marxist country could have happened in the last two hundred years, but we have always been a country led by men of God, honesty and character. Above board people that would not let themselves think like Obama's administration. The Marxist believers have spent sixty years removing God from our country. Giving in return garbage...same-sex marriage, LGBT, abortion.
The mess and how Obama inherited it. This is why Bush looked so bad at the end of his term. The day the dems took over was not January 22, 2009, it was actually January 3, 2007 the day dems took over the House of Representatives and the Senate at the very start of the 110th congress. The last two years of the Bush Administration and I might add the first two years of Obama's. Clinton was looking just as bad until America voted a Republican House led by Newt Gingrich which turned Clinton around and made him look good.
Are these two personally important to you items covered under Obamacare?
Don't even try. You can't fix stupid.
Oh that's right PP clinics that were not within 50 miles of a hospital, in case of an emergency, I'm repeating this "in case of an emergency" had to shut down. I'd say Gov. Rick Perry had the health of women in mind when he passed this law.
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