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Best News Ever: Obama is Worst Ever!

pamela247 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 4:28 PM
What exactly is going on? I'm hearing on the news that Obama will be supporting Warren (D-Ma) because Hillary will probably not continue Obama's policies. Huh? Hillary is as much a Marxist as obama and everyone knows that she will continue his policies. Five minutes listening to Warren you discover she too is a Marxist. Who do these people think they are trying to fool?
Bush's economy was in freefall. Right you are. The Democrats took over congress in the last two years of Bush's term and they are the ones who put us in freefall. They, the dems were also in charge the first two years of Obama's term until people voted in republicans in the House.
And so who is making money on all these US instigated wars? Follow the money.
Mr. Ransom, as long as everything is changing for your business, moving to the west coast and all that would you try getting an IT to change your post comment section. It really is not very good the way it works right now. Disque is good or something similar.
By the time this came about, Biden would only have maybe a year, year and a half. So what? He couldn't do any worse.
Blame it on Americans. We let this happen because we were asleep at the wheel for 60 years. Who knew? I didn't until Obama was placed in office. I use the word placed because he was not elected. Nor was he elected by America the second time. The NWO placed him there for the sole purpose of global Marxist indoctrination. The people responsible for this global takeover, G.H.W. Bush, D. Rockefeller, Kissinger, Podesta, Zig Brenzinsky, J. Nye, A. Greenspan, Paul Volker, are very old now and want to see the takeover before they die. Hence, the escalation of this process and no one would dare question a blackman lest he would be called racist.
Fundamentally transform America. Who knew? He has been a success.
I too was in education and was privy to a letter sent to my principal from the head of the BOE stating that she would have to hire a black teacher. The principal wrote back that she had interviewed many black teachers and could find none qualified. the answer, Hire one anyway.
On the news over the weekend, a journalist and past cabinet member of Bush stated that Obama will never be impeached even though there have been many impeachable acts, because the American people are just not interested in pursuing it. Along with the bought and paid for MSM and lack of interest with the American people, nothing will happen. It took six months to due to pressure from the press and Americans, for Nixon to be impeached, but he resigned for the good of the country instead. We do have a choice America.
Since we've ABANDONED the idea that laws are intended to support and protect a moral and civilized interaction within a society, people's concept of "morality" reverts to the lowest possible denominator which is intended to govern the conscienceless dregs of society that cannot distinguish right from wrong. How can we expect them to elect "moral and principled" leaders when they don't know the meaning of the words?
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