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Banning ANY weapon by the liberals is just letting the nose of the camel in the tent door. The government has NO BUSINESS and NO RIGHT to know what guns and how many ANY law abiding citizen owns. So buzz off bozo, you're nothing but a left wing troll.
Maybe some day, Liberals such as YOU will firmly grasp their ears and pull their heads out of their nether passage way. Hopefully there will be one or two braincells left alive.
More Bovine droppings that lack ANY degree of truth, Crimes and deaths from guns has DROPPED in EVERY State where Concealed Carry is signed into law. Places with extremely restrictive ownership laws, Chicago, New York City, Detroit and Chicago, have the HIGHEST rate or murders and gun crimes in the USA. Your conclusion is completely moronic.
Liars and liberal trolls make up their own statistics; Based on statistics, we should ban automobiles, knives and bathrooms. Comparing "deaths" is entirely meaningless IF you are attempting to discuss "Death by firearms" for suddenly you'll discover that Mexico and other countries far out strip the USA in deaths. England has turned their law abiding citizens into victims and the number of gun deaths has increased radically since they banned priate ownership of guns. Only the law abising turned in their guns, Criminals ignored the law (That's why they are called CRIMINALS) A liberal argues from a stand point of complete stupidity and made up statistics always.
What an absolute brainless troll full of the worst kind of self righteous BUT IGNORANT nonsense. Post your address so the criminals know where you offer an open door and free access to your auto,and money.
Car jackers and every other criminal should realize that they take their life in their hands when they commit a crime. Would you have everyone in this nation lay down and whimper every time a criminal attempts to rob them 'What a sad piece of quivering jello you are; Not to mention also a brainless troll.
A liberal troll with a mush filled head distorts the factss and truth to attempt to justify its nonsense.
Armed citizens protect their freedom and the Republic just as in the past. Some times the Tree of Liberty needs to watered with the blood of patriots. I Suspect that a whole LOT of Marines wont respond to attacking American Citizens.
UNTIL the Democrats took over Congress in 2006 and THEN the economy went into the tank; Nice try TROLL but you're full of BS.
Dunce, California owe for goods and services and has been slow paying. Moonbean Brown is no help, His first time in office, he spent the state into a DEEP hole and then the democrats were STUpID enough to elect him again years later.
Not proven lame brain, he tossed the tear gas after he was in the theater. The only one with NO FACTS and a LOAD of BS is You Jayne. I bet you never even owned a water pistol did you. I bet you only use dull knives because your afraid you'll cut yourself. Why do they left mentally deficient people like Jayne walk the streets: They are dangerous even to themselves. Tear gas is NOT pleasant, but you can STILL see and shoot in a cloud of it; The tear gas exercises in the Army is just to train you in case of more lethal gases as used in WW1.
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