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MSM Needs to Break the Cycle of Abuse

Pam53 Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 10:16 AM
Oh thank God. AmLiberal has come to instruct us as to how we're to feel and be enlightened while at the same time telling us how we're a bunch of dumb sheep that can only hear Fox news or talk radio or Druge, or whatever..........gee, he's just too intelligent to buy into the media narrative and gosh, we should'nt either but we whine and sob too much. In other words, another lefty who's above it all so much that he can't even see the hypocrisy. Go back to wherever you came from AmLib.

The press is complaining that "Obama the puppet master" is providing less access than they want, and wailing that the "balance of power" between the press and The White House has tipped in favor of the latter.

This is ironic, of course, given that the press has favored Obama from the beginning; even the tone of the piece sounds like the lament of a lover scorned. 

If the press really wants to get Obama's attention, all it has to do is what it's done to numerous other presidents: Cover him with a critical (rather than adulatory) tone.  Sure, in the...