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Why am I constantly seeing "jayvee"? I thought it was JV, meaning junior varsity...meaning not the varsity team....meaning.....forget it. Jeez.
Great article, Mr. Bomberger, as usual. As you say, the numbers don't lie.
Thanks Michelle. I read about the sick out and the students walking out on a different site, but it didn't make any sense. It does now.
I disagree. The REAL problem is that good (or bad) teachers are NOT allowed to teach. They're main objective put to them by the powers that be are to instruct and teach the kids how to pass a state mandated test. Certain percentages of the state mandated testing determines funding etc for that school and school district. And then there's the mandate that teachers must make whatever subject they "teach" (such as English or math, etc.) applicable to that kid's life. In other words, the teacher is instructed that the student must be able to "relate" to the subject. So much for trying to teach a student something totally new and foreign. Socrates be damned. But I do agree with what you have said also. I just think the #1 problem is simply teachers are not allowed to do their jobs.
Excellent tirade, Luscious! When oh when can we please not pay any attention to any entertainer who is giving out guidance or direction for real life.
Great article. If one of these libs would actually lead by example and do as they say, I could truly respect that. I may not agree with that person, but I could respect them for actually living how they espouse the rest of us to live.
Who IS that guy? I loved the way he kept talking becasue really, I couldn't understand a word she was saying as she kept jabberwalling.
Thanks Greg. Enjoyed that.
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The GOP's 2016 Race to Defeat

Pam53 Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 4:07 PM
A very honest column. Too many conservatives are sick and tired of being ignored by the people running the party and don't trust the people leading. for example, I personally can't stand John McCain always distancing himself and being disparaging to Ted Cruz.
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