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that is outrageous that he hung up on you. I have a suggestion--post your experience in a letter to the editor in your local paper. Other people need to see how this Rep is treating the people who voted for her.
Excellent analysis. Facts do so confound liberals.
The pic of the bikers with the flags is awesome. Read the book two weeks ago--if you haven't, I recommend it. Can't wait to see the movie.
Excellent article. Political correctness in this country for the last couple of decades has instigated the steady decline in any logic or common sense to these types of problems.
Instead of this insanity,why not apply a common sense approach such as colleges doing away with mandatory courses, such as credits for phys ed. Something else to do is to totally revamp the curriculums and have the students who already have their majors picked to take ONLY classes that pertain to that major. If a freshman doesn't have a major yet, then there should be a program to help him/her determine one. Furthermore, there is NO guarantee that any credits will transfer from a community college to a four year university, so why even waste time? My daughter is going back to school to get a BSN. She's an RN who has worked in a hospital ever since she graduated and got her degree. It is mindboggling and frustrating the courses she has to pay for and take that should easily be given credit for given her work experience in the field. In other words, quit making colleges a big rip off. If there are some twits out there that want to 18th century literature or 17th Russian architecture, etc., let them go to "special" colleges or universities--they're the types that are going to be supported by mom and dad anyway for the rest of their lives.
Environmentalists = manipulative jerks
I'm assuming each state is different, but on the whole, this is great advice. My boss (several years ago) moved all his assets in the way described and we're a private business, but it was done to protect ourselves from any potential lawsuits.
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Jesus Claus and Santa Christ

Pam53 Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 2:59 PM
Enjoyed the heck out of your description there Mark. Merry Christmas all.
one must laugh to keep from crying
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