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A Teachable Moment for the Left

Pam53 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 4:24 PM
When you try to infuse logic with a liberal such as Mr. Marshall, well.......let's just say, it ain't gonna go well.

Some of the discussion of Josh Marshall's overwrought anti-gun screed on TPM, "Speaking for My Tribe," focuses on its (intentional or inadvertent) use of the language of bigotry.

But a different part of the piece caught my eye, specifically:

But [correspondence from a dissenting reader] captured a mentality that does seem pervasive among many more determined gun rights advocates — basically that us non-gun people need to be held down as it were and made to learn that it’s okay being around people carrying loaded weapons.

Well, I don’t want to learn. That doesn’t work where I live...