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Amazing that half the country is obsessed with national suicide, and doesn't even recognize their part in that.
Sounds like an act of war. Maybe it's time to bloody SHUT DOWN THE BLOODY BORDER, yes? I'm so sick of our "neighbors" to the south, just picking away at us, year after year.
What idiot believes that emails reside only on the hard drive of the computer from which they are sent? This is just the IRS flexing their muscle, proving once again that they believe they are far above the law.
Thankfully, the voters are here in Texas. CA has been trying to take over TX for a long time. They move out of the state they've basically ruined, and try to repeat the process here, particularly using Austin as their home base. It will never happen, and this lying little witch who dumped her own kids for convenience doesn't stand a chance..
Hopefully the citizens of Colorado can put down their bongs long enough to vote this idiot out.
BUffoons. Absolute idiots.
If the Iraqi people let these monsters take their country, they deserve the hell on earth they will receive. There are several million Iraqis. There are several thousand satanist monsters. The people need to take them down - not us.
Wow...when MSNBC isn't carrying the President's water....I never thought I'd see this.
Yeah, right - that's why the talking points that went out and were relayed to news outlets DIRECTLY related to Benghazi were identical to the memo. Because they are unrelated. Man, have you got some serious brainwash goggles on, pal.
Odd how an apology is ALWAYS enough for liberals, but never enough for Conservatives. If he were a Conservative, he'd be fired, banned from ever working again, and the butt of jokes for a century.
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