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Obama’s Success: The Poor Get Poorer, And The Rich Get Poorer

PaleoPatriot Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 9:56 AM
Remember that in 2012 more than 400 black kids were killed in Chicago (with strict gun laws) and the Libs say nothing. BUT kill 20 white kids? Now it's a problem? Who is politicizing this? Democrats.

President Barack Obama wants your money now. Like, right now.

Talking Points Memo has the details … breathlessly:

“A new provision in Obama’s budget ‘[e]nds a loophole that lets wealthy individuals circumvent contribution limits and [ac]cumulate millions in tax-preferred retirement accounts,’” Talking Points Memo wrote, quoting a budget summary released by the White House, which will reveal its new budget Wednesday.

I can’t wait!

OK, so basically, the guy chronically incapable of self-restraint when it comes to federal spending is going after people who save money for retirement by imposing a caps on IRAs. His argument...