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So show us how you stood outside that Philly voting center and chatted up the Panthers. Oh wait, you weren't there and you're way too busy to watch the video. Figures.
The problem Hill, is that the empirical data is flawed. A data collection point 100 years ago was in a farmers field and now that same station is surrounded by concrete and asphalt in an urban heat island. And remember climate-gate two when up to 60 percent of the collection points in Siberia were deleted because they showed no warming. Somewhere between 4500 to 7500 years before present, there was a long period of very hot weather on the northern great plains in America. We know this due to the lack of stone tools that delineate that period. The game animals migrated north. No game animals = no stone tools. But I guess Bush probably caused that.
Std's, Your bad choices were voting for liberals. You obviously missed everything we've told you about O-Care, QE, and regulation. The other day a liberal on Twitter was complaining that there were only 55 new laws created by congress. She couldn't explain how many new laws it would take for a Congress to claim success.
Uheard wrong. The adage about corn is that it should be knee high by the fourth of July. An enormous amount of crops are harvested in August and September.
Doc, the only folks that Socialism works for IS the politically connected few. The few folks at the top and serfs like you.
Doc, Prez-O took more money from Wall Street than any other candidate in history? How much $$ went to O-Cronies in the Solyndra Corporation?
Hey G-Locks, 10 of the top 15 richest in Congress are democrats.
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American Psychosis 2014

PaleoPatriot Wrote: Dec 02, 2013 10:06 AM
First on Race Day! Too bad about your pickup. If you really look into today's trucks you'll find that Fords have very few problems. Once again I know that doesn't help your situation. You should contact FORD and ask them to trade you out. Also check your state laws to determine how many dealer visits it takes to qualify for the Lemon Law.
Kinda like Anthropogenic Global Warming hysteria, right?
Absolutely correct Raymond. I no longer supply or do research for liberals because the answer always is: "Well you got me on that one Marco, but it's still Bush's fault."
Kirk if the dems lose badly in 2014. They'll change the rules back just before the end of their term in the 113th Congress.
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