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25 Examples of What America Would Be Like if We Were All Christian Conservative Tea Partiers

Paleo-Con Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 9:15 PM
Except for the reference to the death penalty and abortion under certain circumstances, this is spot on. And for you, "True Conservatives," who'll post replies about the death penalty, I only take issue with the reference as it applies to word Christian in the title. It is inconceivable that Christ would support the death penalty for any reason. I am, sadly, a mere human. I do oppose it generally except when it is a DOUBTLESS certainty the suspect committed the murder, it was particularly heinous and it was certain he would do it again if he were ever free from isolation from any human being including fellow inmates.
ABNDOC Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 11:50 PM
Actually, since Jesus is God and God set forth the terms of how and why capital punishment was to be used in the old testament, I see no reason why he would change his mind later. Life is precious to God. So precious that the death penalty was dictated for some people who chose not to value it and take it from others.

He even will judge who will face eternal punishment in hell. Jesus isn't a gentle, all-loving God. He is a fair, just and loving God. He wants everyone to live but he has no problem giving out just punishment.

So, while a Christian does not want anyone to suffer death, they also know that there are times when justice demands punishment and that at times means death. Christians can support the death penalty.
bgmk Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 10:29 PM
"Inconceivable"! "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means." (75 points up for grabs on "The Big Mick 'Name that Classic Allusion' Scoring List" for the First to 1.Name the Movie. 2. the Charcter using "inconceivable". 3. The Character who says the second quote. If you know the Actors without googling I'll add 25 more ea.
WHY Pale One would you think Jesus of Nazareth wouldn't say that The State has a DUTY to Punish Murder? Admittedly it is an argument from silence, but when one of the Theives says "we justly got what was coming to us" Jesus does not gainsay it.
bgmk Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 10:32 PM
Further, the only way YOU can know WHAT Jesus would or would not say/do is from the writers of the New Testament, THEY are unequivocal that THE STATE has a GOD ORDAINED DUTY to SLAY the WICKED---"they do not bear THE SWORD in vain"---Romans 13.
LeishaC Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 11:29 PM
"Inconceivable!" said by Vezzini, played by Wallace Shawn. Reply by Inigo Montoya, played by Mandy Patinkin. "The Princess Bride!"

And I agree with your posts!
Bunter Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 12:45 AM
1. The Princess Bride 2. Vizzini (Wallace Shawn), 3. Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin)
Not sure on the spelling but I've see this movie a bazillion times.

Interestingly, God, when he laid out His law to Moses put in plenty of death penalties (Jesus said "i and the Father are one" and "before Abraham was I AM") so these are Jesus' laws. But they did not appear to pratice incarseration. Just restitution and capital punishment.

People like to create their own cute, sweet sissy little pet "Jesus" (see the temple clearing scene) that never challenges their personal sensibilities. God will not be defined by us but by His own character.


If every American was a Christian conservative Tea Partier...

1) …There would be fewer regulations, lower taxes, a business-friendly environment, and a much smaller government that would lead to considerably stronger economic growth and job creation. In fact, we'd probably have to dramatically increase the number of work permits we hand out to foreign workers, not because there are "jobs Americans won't do" (which don't actually exist), but because so many Americans would be employed that we'd have to bring in more people to do all of the available work.

2) ...The richest Americans would have...

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