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I hope he continues to work for the university. When he was anonymous, he had peace. Now that his past is known, I hope he finds peace again. Continue to be a good man, St. James.
If a woman did this prank on my man, I would slap her clear into tomorrow. The prank Kathy Griffen pulled was meant to humiliate Anderson Cooper. If Cooper has a serious boyfriend or a Significant Other who loves him, that person should take Griffin aside and tell her that if she pulls that again, there will be hell to pay. That was not funny. That was mean. Cruel, even. She did it because she could get away with it. What a heartless bully she is.
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What You Can't Say

Pajama Girl Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 10:46 AM
"You meant evil against me, but God meant for good ... to accomplish the saving of many lives." THEREFORE: For those who captured and sold into slavery those free and proud Africans, may they rot in hell. For those whose ancestors who were enslaved, may they save many lives now. Jon Hubbard said this in a very clumsy way. Wish he had been more articulate and better versed in the basis of a belief that God WILL make good.
Joe Biden was like the drunken uncle who comes to a holiday meal. He's overbearing, obnoxious, and you can't shut him up. Barack Obama was like a sullen nephew who comes to a holiday meal. He's arrogant, superior, and you can't wait until he leaves.
Here's another 47 percenter suggestion: Since everyone must file tax forms even if they do not have to pay, all recipients of state and federal welfare services must present the previous year's filed tax forms.
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Abortion and Rape

Pajama Girl Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 11:19 AM
Use of "the bizarre and unheard-of phrase 'legitimate rape' ... " to characterize some rapes as not to be taken seriously: Does ANYONE remember Whoopi Goldberg's "not a rape-rape" to describe Roman Polandski's rape of a 13 year old child? The phrase may be bizarre but it is not "unheard-of." The concept has been used by the Left to defend one of their pet film makers against moral outrage and disgust over his premeditated rape of a child.
Rachel Maddow should stop touching her opponents while debating them on air. It is impolite and condescending --EXTREMELY unprofessional. She would not allow someone to touch her. If she does, she is a little girl. I as a professional woman, I would never allow an opponent to touch me during a debate.
So, you define patriotic people by their military service? I thought the Left hated being held to that standard.
What Social Security Number did he use?
Regarding Obama: A man in his position doesn't have the luxury to indulge his petty emotions. It's a character flaw that Richard Nixon indulged -- and we all know how well that worked out for Nixon. Obama has a tin-ear on many issues, living as he does in a little echo chamber, so he WILL make a big mistake and go too far in attacking Romney. How can he not? His heart is full of hate and he has no one who will oppose him in his inner circle. It is embarrassing to have a president with such low self control.
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The Biggest Scandal In U.S. History

Pajama Girl Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 6:36 PM
That's correct. HUNDREDS of innocent Mexican citizens were killed with these guns. THOUSANDS of innocent Mexican citizens were intimidated with these guns. And a brave American citizen was murdered with these guns. Do all these people not count to the Obama Administration? And since most of the killed people were brown, do brown people not count to the Obama Administration? Is the Obama Administration racist? Seems so. Whatever the Obama Administration's objectives in Fast & Furious were, the Administration cared not at all that people would die. This is not some virtual war game played on computers. Stone-hearted. We need to be protected from people like that.
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