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Lifetime's Perky Prostitute

painesman Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 1:33 AM
Hey Redneck, I wouldnt be so sure it will be cancelled in a couple episodes. Look how long jersey shore has lasted.

Ten years ago, perky actress Jennifer Love Hewitt tried to jump-start a music career with a song titled "Bare Naked." Now she's trying that attention-grabbing tactic again with a sleazy new Lifetime series called "The Client List." She plays a massage therapist who turns tricks.

That network has adopted a new slogan: "This is not your mother's Lifetime." That's appropriate for a new drama with a single-mother whore at its sympathetic center. We learn she was forced into being a sex worker when her husband mysteriously left her -- you know, the way of the world for single moms.

Hewitt first made...