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After a fair trial (not in the 9th Circuit) of course.
Why heap our problems on some other poor country, just hang them here in a public square.
These radical LAtino groups were also responsible for overthrowing the election of the former AZ Senate President Russell Pearce with a bigotted campaign of race baiting because he wrote SB 1070 that the DOJ is currently suing the stae of Arizona for because it enforces federal immigration law. Fortunately Sherriff Arpiao is not a push over and this disturbs the racist DOJ. Some people may argue they used the law to recall Pearce legally and that is true as far as the law being a tool to implement a desired result. However the truth is they are overthrowing the choice of the voters that elected him. I pray for the day when hard working honest Latinos turn against the racist groups such as La Raza. May that day come sooner rather than l
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Institutional Arrogance

Pagan Conservative Wrote: May 11, 2012 11:33 PM
Seems to me the arrogance of inside or outside the system has been institutionalized especially in the military bueracracy. Seems another ex military writer the late Col. David Hackworth wrote about this in at least 2 of his works About Face and Hazardous Duty. In his examples it wasn't just intelligence, but training and procurement policies suffered the same arrogant thinking. Col North has exposed this type of thinking with the intelligence issue. Unfortunately this practice has been around to some degree since the 50s when Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex that was growing at the time of his departure from the WH.
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