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John Kerry also committed treason by personally trying to disrupt our peace negotiations with North Vietnam in Paris while he was still serving in the Naval Active Reserves. Now he repeats his old dance, an idiot and fool who seems intent on betraying his country.
Slick Willy was able to command $200,000 + per speech after he left the White House, and he made dozens of the promptly after he left. Other than Obama, the Clintons top the list of world class liars.
Recently published research established that polar bears evolved into a separate species over 1 million years ago, not 100,000 years the previously held to be the norm. Consequently, it seems obvious that polar bears have survived such ice concentration situations numerous times int the past. It is also obvious that that polar bears and their prey will recognize the condition and move to where opening in the ice can be found. It is a matter of survival for marine mammals whom polar bears prey upon when they are not denned up during the winter.
You are so right. All to few know that Charles Darwin was an ardent, practicing Catholic. His research did not diminish he faith nor participation in his religion. Obviously, Darwin correctly regarded the Bible as allegorical rather than literal. Darwin believed that God designed the evolutionary process and every other aspect of our complex universe when he set off the big bang.
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'Six Californias' Instead of One?

PaddyL Wrote: Mar 09, 2014 2:56 PM
the potential devastation that 12 senators from former CA portend is to what is left of our democratic republic is immeasurable.
Is "misplaced" the new euphemism for embezzled and/or stolen?
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John Kerry, Jihad Coddler

PaddyL Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 2:55 PM
Kerry committed treason when he tried to disrupt and influence the Paris peace negotiations with N Vietnam in 1972 while he was still serving in the active Naval reserves. Is there any doubt that he will not commit treason again? Of course not. He is actively working to undermine our Constitution now.
There will be no solutions regarding government workers including teachers until all states and the federal government return to the status before 1959 or thereabouts by outlawing unions. After all by definition, all governments are paternal and unions are unnecessary since employer abuses cannot happen.
Tonsillectomy is a very risky operation especially for adults. It is a poor analogy.
What amazes me is that one or more generals or admirals have not resigned in protest against promoting the political correctness and diversity agendas that is intended to emasculate our troops and propagandize them to support the undermining of our constitutional republic. It could mean that Obama has already purged his opponents among general officers. I surmise that the proponents objective is to ideologically neutralize our troops in the event O bama's socialist transformation leads to rioting in the streets. I am confident that Obama hates our armed forces, largely because they could refuse to support his agenda by mutinying and nullifying pro-Obama forces.
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