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On Turning 50

PackerBhoy Wrote: May 10, 2012 10:17 AM
I'm 51, and my parents both worked for 3M in Rochester, NY. I worked there for a summer too, in 1979. My Grandad (Dad's Dad) worked for 3M, as did my Mum's two brothers. All of them were immigrants from Scotland in the '60's, and they all loved 3M.

I turn 50 today. I don’t feel any different. My perspective on life hasn’t changed. Maybe it’s because my grandfather is still alive. He’s 98. I don’t feel like I am on the back side of my life yet. It used to be people went through a mid life crisis at around 40. If I did that, it manifested itself in getting an MBA at Chicago Booth.

When I was on the CME Board of Directors, I used to have lunch with Merton Miller and Paul Simon. I would eat, and they would discuss. Obviously, they were on opposite sides...