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So let's see if I understand this: Religionists are fighting tooth and nail for "religious exemptions" to employment, healthcare, and civil rights laws, specifically those prohibiting discrimination against the LGBT community, but they should be able to do and say as they wish, even while working for a private employer, without repercussion. Nope, no hypocrisy there.
With Florida actively purging eligible voters, you can see why it can be a problem. Measures to prevent fraud need to do so without disenfranchising actual voters.
That's not proof for the need for photo ID. Obviously, there is a system in place to identify felons who are registered to vote. Perhaps it would work better and keep them from voting if they identified them BEFORE the election and purged them from the rolls.
So, after reading the actual news articles, it turns out that Katie's histrionics about a strike are wrong. It's a lockout, not a strike. The blame lies with ConEd.
Do you enjoy being absolutely wrong about everything?
Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden
Yes, that's exactly what we need. More ways for the minority party in the Senate to hold the Executive Branch hostage by refusing to confirm nominees.
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Republicans Have Bad Brains?

packband Wrote: May 03, 2012 3:30 PM
If you don't agree with (or more likely, understand) the science, mock the science. A tried and true conservative strategy that supports the very argument they're mocking.
The Dems can't pass a budget in the Senate because the Pubs will filibuster any budget introduced. Both parties are responsible for the gridlock. Unfortunately no one in congress remembers how to compromise any more. They all believe "compromise" means "you do it my way." We used to be able to reach middle ground on issues and move them forward. Those days are gone, and the fault lies with both parties.
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