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Thank you for the factandmyth link. The people on this site are so entrenched in their warped thought process nothing will ever have an effect on their opinions.
Oklay, Beach. Throw down you mealy mouthed weasel. I'll bet you're sitting in your fat man chair watching Hannity on the tube with Rush in the kitchen. Democrats have guns too. It would be a pleasure.
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Millionaires Need Your Help!

pablostcruz Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 8:03 AM
And much of the fruit and vegys are picked by hand. Then there are the processing and canning facilities. Last time I checked the people sorting your fruit on the conveyors are mostly hispanic.
It's not hatred. It's Gods love being expressed in a different way.
Conservatives. Jerks that think they know the constitution. People that post on TH and listen to Glenn Beck.
It requires your source if you are trying to make a legitimate point. But if all you want is to throw BS it's fine. It is TH afterall.
Sources? None. Big mouth flappin'? Posted.
especially conservative judges. What an a hole.
You are full of sheit . Post your source or shut the fugg up.
I really want to jump into a religion that sees the world in such a negative light. Keep preaching brother.
You are a nut job.
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