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Waaaaaahaahaaaa!! The sound of a geezer whining about their supposed loss of freedom. Waaaaaahaaa!! Hey, how about you start a revolution? No that won't work, you would have to leave your mobile home park.
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Democrats' Nightmare Scenario for 2016

pablostcruz Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 11:08 AM
Yeah. You lost the election because of all the problems you reference. "illegals, stupid women and ignorant blacks" It wasn't that you had a lousy platform, it was something else. Excuses. take some responsibility for your lousy candidates.
Now you have hurt my feelings. It was so important for me to get the acceptance of a bunch of Geezers living in mobile home parks.
Poor little Republicans lost two elections in a row. Maybe if you had a message you might do better.
None of those tragedies had anything to do with the war in Iraq.
The sane people took "your" country away at night while you were asleep. We also are Americans and love our country.
"Society has long recognized the benefits provided by traditional marriage, particularly the ability to produce children and provide the single best method of bringing them up as productive members of society." Okay, let's say you are right that traditional marriage is best for society. Does that include heterosexual child molesters getting married to produce children is best for society. We do not prevent murderers from getting married.
Where as a nameless clown that posts on TH should be considered a specialist in climate. That's why I come to TH, for the pseudo-science of anonymous geezer.
Hey loser! Can you do anything but post stupid comments? You probably cut-and-paste your comments.
I didn't miss the point at all. You TH people can deny the fact that the climate is warming at a rate never seen before (over 150 years of increasing temperature) and you can deny that it is caused by humans. It will not change the fact that the planet is warming and it is mainly caused by humans. I don't know of anyone who is advocating the elimination of fossil fuels. And everyone knows that the China and India are the primary contributors. That does not mean we should not do anything about our own emissions. We can lead by example. I couldn't care less about the conspiracy clowns, nothing will ever change their small little minds.
Nevermind. The US Navy is a liar and distort their findings. The American Met. Society, comprised of Climatologists, has distorted their information although I can't see why they would do that. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the people who do this for a living are all lying. Keep up the ignorant rants about it not happening and wait until it touches your life and your kids life.
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