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Hey you stupid blow-hard. The link you provided "exposed" states that there was no fraud. Since you are a conservative I guess it means you don't have to deal with the facts.
You would have to get off of your fat a ss and and remember, Democrats are Americans too.
Now you have finally made the stupidist remark I have ever read at TH. School shootings are Obama's fault. You win todays award for the dumbest comment ever on TH. FK-Off you twit.
"Marriage between man and woman promotes the most stable society's which is why the state encourages traditional marriage and gives those couples tax breaks. Children reared in a two parent household of a mother and father produces well adjusted children. Every credible study indicates this." Are married heterosexual couples where one is a child molester prevented from getting married?
"How can a trait like male homosexuality, which has a genetic component, persist over evolutionary time if the individuals that carry the genes associated with that trait are not reproducing?" John- The article you reference asserts that homosexuality is genetic in some way. Thanks for the information.
Please form your own state. Somewhere in Canada would be nice.
I'm startin' to like your attitude.
What would he do with his spare time?
I believe there are 63 of them.
Don't worry. As you come streaming up the road in your gov't supplied wheelchair I'll have plenty of time to pop one in your a$$, you anti-democracy twit.
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