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Respectable "LIBERAL" judges have already ruled that Cruz is elligible.
The progressive left ALWAYS distorts the truth. Keynes would be turning in his grave if he was aware of what progressives have done with his "modest" government spending program in times of crisis. It's something like Karl Marx who claimed the Communists under Stalin totally distorted his economic philosophy.
Partition, partition, partition. Of course! Smaller entities function better than larger entities. Especially when ethnic loyalties are divisive. Joe Biden was correct when he offered partition for Iraq. Did anybody listen? Of course not! People in authority never listen to diminishing their power. States rights in the US is a constitutional mandate. The Federal government is way off base in assuming constitutional mandates to the States. It seems we never learn from the past. Divide and conquer!
The EU was NEVER a good idea to begin with. It took several relatively easy to manage entities and placed them in a melting pot where the weaker components tried to take advantage of the stronger which is natural law. So is the tendency to grow ever larger units of administrative enterprise. Therein lies the seeds of destruction. They are unmanageable. The United nations is unmanageable. The United States, at the Federal level, is unmanageable. That is why the States were granted powers not beholden to the fed. Attempts to undo states rights are misguided and dangerous. Partition was a great idea for Iraq but it never happened. Partition for the Ukraine is a good idea but the centrists won't allow it to happen. Bigness destroys. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. How come we never learn lessons from the past?
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

Pablo16 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 2:18 PM
So far there have been NO repercussions to any of Obama's "disastrous" programs, disinformation, counter-constitutional abuses, etc. I think Thomas Sowell got it wrong this time. I think it WILL take a government shutdown in order to wake people up. The mainstream GOP thinks the folks have learned their lesson and will reinstall the GOP this fall. Why should they when all it will mean is more compromise on spending proposals. Might as well elect Hillary for all the good the current crop of GOP contenders will accomplish. Texas and the Tea Party have the right stuff. Look to see if Steve Stockman will upset John Cornyn this primary season. If so - Texas will show the way to righting the ship. Otherwise, it's all over for the GOP. If Hillary is elected in 2016, it may be all over for the US.
Buffoon! It was racism that got him elected in the first place. Folks voted for him, black and white and in between, because he was black and white and in between. They though he was like America. It has taken America this long to find out that he doesn't think like an American. He thinks like a foreigner. We should have guessed in when he threw out the first major league baseball - he threw like a girl! Hillary can throw better. Obama is like a baseball "designated hitter" - he can't throw, can't catch, can't run -- all he can do is hit the occasional long ball. Like Obama, we need to get rid of the designated hitter.
The temptation to slap these people silly is forever on my mind!
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