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Obama: The Fetus Is "A Potential Life" But Viability Is A "Moving Target"

p18 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 12:00 AM
Or how about this one- the same left that claims to care so much about African-Americans encourages abortions that are disproportionately higher in the black community than any other demographic. Yeah, but the Tea Party has it wrong...

A new video has surfaced and The Brody File has the exclusive of State Senator, Barack Obama back in Sept. 8, 2004, talking about how the human fetus is a “potential life.” (As opposed to an actual life.)

He also goes on to say that the viability of that “potential life” is a “moving target.” He made these comments at a small business event in Springfield, Ill.

I wonder if Barack was unmoved when he "punished" Michelle with a baby because there was, after all, only a "potential life" living inside of her.