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Obama, Carney, and Hillary are clueless or the dumbest people in the world. Obama is weak and his apology tour opened the door for this.
This is not new, the media has no morale compass, they are just biased.
THE fact is the Dems are a godless party and Obama pro arab and anti Israel
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Romney's Scary World

P134 Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 9:03 PM
This guy is like an osterich, head in the sand. Must be a Ron Paul guy looking other way from potential threats.
Stupid people, solve the debt crisis, create a pro business climate, and American jobs and maybe the uniforms will be manufactured here. Senate Dems what a waste.
The real racists are the democrats covering for Obama and Holder since the Fast & Furious guns were found at 170 crime scenes in Mexico and 300 Mexcian nationals were killed with Eric Holders guns. Los verdaderos racistas son los que cubren los demócratas de Obama y Holder ya que las armas de fuego Fast & Furious se encontraron en las 170 escenas del crimen en México y 300 nacionales mexcian fueron asesinadas con armas de los titulares de Eric.
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