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The Star of Last Night Was Ann Romney

P. W. Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 4:38 AM
No matter how unbelievable or believable are the door on sawhorses desk and ironing board dining table you can bet your sweet bippy there is already a bunch of Anti-Republicans digging like mad hoping to prove that Mrs. Romney might have stretched the truth a bit..

In front of a spirited crowd that packed the Tampa Times Forum, Chris Christie gave a solid speech that echoed Mitt Romney's programs, consisting of substantial budget cuts, tax cuts and entitlement reform.

Christie pressed on the notion of what he called "principled compromise," which is exactly how I think Mitt Romney is going to proceed if he wins the election. In a very sharp dig at President Obama, Christie emphasized true leadership, and not just governing in accordance with how the polls went. His line of the "Second American Century"-- which is a Marco Rubio line -- is a fabulous...

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