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This is a terrible example of misplaced priorities. Godzilla is a far more likely problem, and that Frankenstein monster is sure to reappear eventually.
He would get pretty bored watching most of us. Too much is being made of this. Forty years ago, Redskins player, Jerry Smith, was hugely popular with teammates and fans. Everybody knew Smith was gay, although he never publicly came out. He was a nice guy and a terrific player, and that's how people viewed him. When he retired, he had accumulated the most pass receptions and pass receiving yardage of any tight end (no joke intended, that was the position Jerry Smith played) in NFL history at that time. Hopefully, Sam can conduct himself as gentlemanly as Smith. Although I wish Sam the best, I think it's very unlikely that he can be nearly as successful a player as Smith.
I think you are corect. He was probably drafted because hs college stats suggest a possibility that he has football instincts which could make him a much better players than his relatively slow speed and lower strength would suggest. If the gamble doesn't pay off, the coach will cut him just like he would with any underperforming player.
Sam's college performance level suggests that he is a better player than indicated by his NFL combine stats. Still, his speed is considerably slower than NFL defensive ends, and much slower than NFL outside linebackers. His combine performance of 17 reps with 225 pounds in the bench press is extremely poor by NFL standards. Most NFL quartebacks are faster and stronger than Sam. The linemen and fullbacks who will be blocking Sam are much faster and enormously stronger than Sam. I wish him well, but the NFL might prove to be a bridge too far for him. Every year, players who were excellent in college (even some first round draft picks) are cut from NFL teams.
Why go back to 2000? During the 2008 Democratic Party nomination campaign, both then Senator Clinton and then Senator Obama supported traditional marriage, and favored gay civil unions over gay marriage.
Off topic, also, the Jim Crow laws were passed by democrats.
The difference is very significant. McCain is probably the worst of the prominent big government republicans. However, he would have vetoed the Affordable Care Act and the ineffective $800 billion stimulus program. He would have pushed for the Keystone pipeline and encouraged, rather than stifled, domestic oil and gas production. He would not have catered to big labor for political donations. He would not have pushed hundreds of anti-productivity regulations through cabinet departments. As a result our GDP would be much higher and our unemployment rate considerably lower.
Ms. Burger refers to 39% as a "majority" and 45% as "most." She needs to familiarize herself with the word plurality and the statistics term mode. Clearly she is not a person who has mastered the works of Friedrich Hayek or Richard Epstein. Many of these young "libertarians" are semi-literate products of the modern education system who are not very familiar with the philosophy of freedom.
As many of others have pointed out, this analysis is based on increases in spending. Too look good on this basis, just spend a huge amount in your first year. The actual Office of Management and Budget figures (adjusted for inflation) show that cumulative spending was $22.204 trillion with cumulative deficits of $2.293 trillion under the eight years of GWB. The figures are $14.515 trillion in spending and $5.278 trillion in deficits under the first four years of BHO. The BHO average annual spending is 30.7% higher than that of GWB. The average annual BHO deficit is 460% higher than the average annual GWB deficit. The cumulative BHO four year deficit is 230% higher than the cumulative eight year GWB deficit. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/10/federal-spending-by-the-numbers-2012
You are exactly correct. Obama's inflation adjusted deficits exceeded Bush's 8 years in less than 5 years. By this measure, a President just needs to spend a hugely unprecedented amount in his first year, and then increase moderately thereafter to look good. I have lost a great deal of respect for Mitchell by seeing him make this silly, ignorant error.
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