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Except the true mental illness... Liberalism.
Union goons can't be fired. Sue for money... BIG money... that's the only language these stooges understand. Unreasonable search, property confiscation...
Show him with his hands raised with a "V" sign saying that.
View the video "Rules of Engagement" about the siege. That has been out for a long time. Web site have written about this botch for years.
Sue for money... BIG money, or they will not get the message.
It has been shown that a .380 has better stopping power because it is more controllable and does not take as much time to reacquire and can place more rounds on target.
That's because liberal men are the rapists... Just lay back and enjoy it!!!
I ordered a pair of scissors at work (for the purpose of scissing) because there were no scissors to be found. My company has a alcohol, drug, firearm, and explosive policy (imagine my disappointment when they explained it). White-out, scissors, knives, many items have become rare in the modern office. At least security has flashlights.
Michael, Let me enlighten you to history: Every scheme of registration has led to confiscation. Most led to genocide of the disarmed. The proposals include registration. In California they registered "assault weapons" promising to never confiscate them. A few months later, guess what! Confiscation without compensation. Now every transfer must be registered with the CA DOJ, defacto registration. We are considered criminals by the very people who are tasked with protecting our rights. I have committed no crime. How do I defend against those who would reserve for themselves a right which is a compact of our heritage. Your heritage is replete with tyrants who have taken steps to enslave and kill your people.
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What's an Assault Weapon?

OzzWorx Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 5:51 AM
Jacob, Get the facts straight, please! The rifle Lanza had was not a Bushmaster. Molotov Mitchell covered this. It was a Saiga shotgun and was in the trunk of his car and not used in the killings. The media refuses to correct their lies because it would not help their cause of disarming peaceful law abiding Americans who only want to be able to protect their families from the evil in society that the left unleashes upon us.
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