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I don't like hippity-hoppity "music" but that doesn't mean I can keep others from playing it. Sorry, but the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee anyone freedom FROM religion. If you're offended by someone praying in public, then you just need to suck it up and stop fretting about what others are doing.
I think I'd go with stubbornly incompetent to describe The Current Occupant. Never in the history of the country has there been such steadfast refusal by any president to cooperate on much of anything. I don't wish to join the conspiracy nuts, but one has to wonder exactly what his motivation actually is. It's looking like dividing and destroying the nation just may be it.
I was in DC several years ago and saw a huge group of about 10 or 12 NOW demonstrators stomping back and forth on the steps of the supreme court. They sounded like a bunch of feral cats in a burlap bag and looked like they couldn't get a date if they paid for it. Never could figure out why the nut cases always want to ruin folks' visits to the nation's capitol.
We're already there for most of these, and much of it has come within the past five years or so.
Show me an IT department that says it doesn't back up everything every day and I'll show you someone who is either unbelievably incompetent or a liar.
I used to watch Eleanor "Twit" many years ago on political discussion panels. She has always been an apologist for every Democrat blunder that ever occurred. Had she been a character in the book "1984," she would have been in charge of redefining words so that war became peace, lies became truth and insanity became sanity. In her case, of course, a Democrat political operative would become a journalist. But that would be redundant, wouldn't it?
The further to the left you lean, the more your brain turns to peanut butter. This guy is pure Skippy.
A&E was apparently stunned to learn that Duck Dynasty's core audience wasn't made up of latte sipping, GQ reading, show tunes humming, ballet watching lefties. Natural mistake.
I'm certain that all the criminals who own guns that are out of compliance will hurry to the nearest gunsmith to have them modified. Oh wait, no they won't. So who are the residents who will be impacted by this stupid law? Law abiding gun owners of course. What a scam!
How about this, Mister President? How about you take up skydiving and use parachutes that work perfectly nine times out of ten. You'd agree that those are pretty good odds, right?
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