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Still Changing

Ovide603 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:44 PM
Folks, it didn't take long for the Tea Party people to get their mouth firmly enconched onto the teat of the government sow. Let's not forget, this worldly truth, it's what people do that is important, not what they say. What do we good conservatives call people like this?

Modern medical science keeps people alive longer. Liberals hope they can do the same thing in political science: keep their dying ideas alive for just another election or two.

No, this isn’t a comment on President Barack Obama’s listless performance in the first presidential debate. It is, perhaps, an explanation for that performance; why should Obama be energetic when his ideas so decidedly aren’t?

“Today liberalism looks increasingly, well, elderly. Hard of hearing, irascible, enamored of past glories, forgetful of mistakes and promises, prone to repeat the same stories over and over,” writes Charles Kesler in his new...