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A Guide to Gambling in Stock Market Investments

Ovide603 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:49 PM
Folks, it didn't take long for the Tea Party people to get their mouth firmly enconched onto the teat of the government sow. Let's not forget, this worldly truth, it's what people do that is important, not what they say. What do we good conservatives call people like this?

The stock market has long since been a place for investment.  It now occupies the same space as casinos, OTB establishments, and lottery tickets.  If you can understand that premise, you have a fighting chance.” 

The preceding three sentences would constitute the opening paragraph for an investment guide if I were to write one. 

On a daily basis, I see headlines that entice the general public to get on board: “It’s a Buying Opportunity” and “The Big Banks Smile on Equities.” 

Just below those main headlines are additional articles detailing...

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