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Rubio proposes higher education overhaul

OverDHill Wrote: Feb 10, 2014 10:01 AM
Will everyone who get amnesty get a free education? I have a feeling the citizens are going to get screwed again....................

MIAMI (AP) — Possible presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio called Monday for overhauling the nation's higher education system to close an "opportunity gap" between Americans with and without advanced degrees.

The Florida Republican said the reforms should include state-accredited alternatives to four-year colleges, income-based terms for repaying college loans and new standards for accrediting free Internet courses.

"Those with the right advanced education are making more money than ever. But those who are not are falling farther and farther behind," Rubio said at an education forum at Miami Dade College. "The result is an opportunity gap developing between haves and have-nots, those who...