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House Republicans: We'll Move on Immigration Reform Sometime This Year

overbusy Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 12:51 PM
THIS WILL IT WILL EFFECT THE 2014 MIDTERM ELECTION'S (you see what a yea vote has done to Marco Rubio Political Career I Doubt Marco Rubio will be coming Back as A Republican in 2016 as the senator from Florida Because of his Yea Vote On this Immigration Bill Americans Hate This Bill so Much Just The Talk about this Bill has The American Voters ready to Replace this Republican House With a ULTRA conservative Republicans Who only talk will be the DEFEAT of this Bill (AMNESTY) How's Marco Rubios Politcal career Going since his Vote on Immigration! The Only Talk The AMERICAN VOTERS WANT TO HEAR IS THE DEFEAT OF THIS BILL ( we don't want to hear congress will bring up the bill) THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ONLY WANT TO HEAR CONGRESS WILL DEFEAT THIS BILL