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and that is where you are flat out wrong. the middle and lower incomes spend close to 100% of their income in goods and services thus helping the economy. high income groups hoard their money, or invest it in high risk derivitives, thus causing the bubbles that keep crashing the economy. further crushing the middle.
so you are willing to give up the dependent deduction? that is 4000 currently
i came to this site hoping to find at least an intelligent dialogue about our differences and a common cause for the good of all of the country not just a few. Instead I have had nothing but knee jerk assumptions about my ideologies, intelligence, and motives, which I have not shared with the posters who have disparaged me simply because I disagree with their view point. If I have learned nothing else it is that the country is surely lost. There is no common ground for the common good. Having read the "Conservative MInd" I am glad that I do not have a lot of time left, and am truly sorry for the lives of children and grandchildren, who will have to once again fight the battles against rule by the few against the many.
"the Tea Party didn't come into existence until your black messiah was in the oval offiice: KInd of proves my point don't ya think?
and of course you have proof of the fraudulent votes. why is it that you can unconstitutionally win an election, but when you lose it must be fraud?
there was still no Voter fraud. and here in MI we have a case of a sitting rep whose office photo copied petitions to get him on the ballot, but that still is not Voter Fraud
ACORN was not found guilty of anything there were only accusations. and there were no cases of Voter fraud only registration irregularities which are not the same thing.
you mean like the oil cartlel? or the 1% who pay 15% income tax while hiding their money off shore? and contribute nothing to SS or Medicare?
then why was there no outcry or Tea Bag protest when he was in office? he was selected by the neocons because they knew he would do what he was told to do. conservatives only scream fiscal responsibitlty when there is a dem in the white house, didn't cheney famously say that "deficits don't matter"? as to my job skills I worked for a company where men were paid more than women for the same work, and got promotions far more often than women did, regardless of skill or experience
i am all for letting you go. given that the south takes more in fed dollars than th blue ones, lets see who goes under first
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