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Ann Romney Reveals She Had MS Scare During Primaries

over50student Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 8:54 PM
and that is where you are flat out wrong. the middle and lower incomes spend close to 100% of their income in goods and services thus helping the economy. high income groups hoard their money, or invest it in high risk derivitives, thus causing the bubbles that keep crashing the economy. further crushing the middle.

This week, Ann Romney shared that she had a multiple sclerosis flare-up during the primaries -- and she didn't even tell her husband, not wanting to worry him while he was running for president. In an interview with NBC's Rock Center, she revealed it was a "little bitty" incident, but "enough to give [her] a real scare."

“It was such a crazy time, and I didn’t want to have anyone worrying about me, especially Mitt. I didn’t tell anyone, but I knew I had to quit,” Ann Romney said.

Ann Romney, who was diagnosed with MS...