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Immigration Fight Stirs Debate Over Federal Benefits

Outajoint Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 11:07 AM
Since when has this administration payed any attention to our laws and the Constitution ? The oath they took means NOTHING to them !!!!!
loadstar Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 11:53 AM
The ObaMessiah stopped construction of the Border Fence with one of his first official acts back in 2009. He KNOWS that often ignorant ILLEGAL aliens are Big Guvment voters in waiting.

They and their endless poor, ignorant "chain migration relatives" will ASSURE endless wealth transfer, guvment-dependent socialism!

But YOU can help fight amnesty and the socio-economic ruination of America here:
Did you know that U.S. law forbids the admission of any immigrant who is likely to depend on public assistance? It's right there in Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, first passed in the 1950s and still the law today:

"Any alien who, in the opinion of the consular officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible."

The plain language of the law hardly squares with...