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Do you find in the bible that it is accepted ? Feds legally have no lawful right to make this decision. When left to voters gay marriage was defeated, then overturned by some out of touch judge , who has no regard for the electorate.
Just like Obummer, half stupid con man and half off color stooge. That is the nicest thing I can say about this UN-American jerk.
Van man, I guess that's where you live, correct ?
Throwing money at the problem sure hasn't worked ,as we all know. You may get the horse to the water but you cannot get him to drink, unless he wants to. Problem with too many of today's kids is you cannot even get them to school ,let alone put any effort into getting an education. Parents are one of the systems biggest problems !!!!!
So, I have a Ph.D in common sense which is far more useful than yours.
Open mouth, insert foot, his MO for sure. Dolt !!!
Don't worry, if the direction of the country does not change for the better soon people will be leaving the country ,not just a state. There goes the neighborhood. I know , someone is going to ask, just where would you move to ?
Coming from a guy that just learned to tie his own shoelaces last week, I guess nobody should be too surprised about this. We would be better off if the Boy Scouts were in charge.
Let me get this right, if your home is occupied by 500 roaches, 200 rats or 600 mice , the solution is to eliminate half of them and everything will be okay !!! Only problem I see, is the fact that DC is where all the above reside , . Term limits,join the NRA, and for the countries sake,VOTE !!!!!!!!
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Obama's summer vacation by the numbers

Outajoint Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 9:39 AM
Lets change it to , hold the grenade.
I believe those percentages are tweaked my poll says that MORE than 100% want them removed from the country. I figure that if some areas can have over a 100% voter turnout then I'm off the hook for the preposterous statement above. Works for the Dumbacraps !!!!!!
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