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I wish I had a friend who would track you as---oles down and destroy your computers, or MORE. Bang
The deductibles end up costing so much that people still cannot afford proper health care. Too many deadbeats receiving subsidies for their insurance, get off your a-- and look for a job, and yes, i don't care what color you are, all are guilty of their share of freeloading .
Yes, you people from Minnesota are the laughing stock of the country, along with California and Nevada, why ?, because of who you keep putting in a position of authority to screw you over ?
Even if he is prosecuted, which will not happen until obummers term is about over, he will be given a presidential pardon . Too much power with the position.
Just like Obummer and his wife have too .
His birth certificate called barry ,Afro American, LONG before that term was ever used in connection with those of color. Go figure !!!!
Keep him on for the rest of Obummers term, they need someone to throw under the bus, he is no longer useful to them anymore. He belongs in prison for his lying, not upholding the Constitution and for just being such a race baiting SOB.
If my dog was as stupid as Franken I would be forced to put him out of his misery. I guess we are closer to voting with bullets , seeing pencils don't work anymore. Cannot do a recount on dead people. Not a threat, just a good idea !!!
Its their job !!!!! Bring back the draft !
The service people are Volunteers, they joined on their own, some to get an education, others to do what it takes to preserve this country. I don't want to hear some crying about being sent in harms way, it is your job. Stand up for the Constitution you swore to protect .
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